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How it Works


Kiln or drying room air is drawn into the space heater from a lower panel and is circulated around the combustion chamber, where it is heated before being vented into the kiln/drying room via the ducts on the top.

The combustion gasses never mix with the clean heated air as the two chambers are completely separate.

Heating remote areas

Additional ventilation ducts can be added. However due to the large built in ventilation fan hot air will be circulated over very large areas.


Fabbri air flow


Its very simple. Paper or cardboard with smaller kindling laid on the grate. Load with larger wood and in minutes heat already being produced.



Simple cleaning and maintenance. General maintenance is the removal of ash when required and once or twice a year a general clean and chimney sweep.

Automatic Controller, switches on circulation fans automatically

Automatic switch On-Off

  • Our hot air heater is fitted with an advanced controller. The controller automatically monitors the body temperature and switches on the warm air circulation fans when there is enough heat to be distributed. 
  • With a chimney support fan, this can also be activated from the controller. 
  • Summertime. The circulation fans can be activated to blow cooling air around and help cool the building. 

The diagram below shows the configuration of a basic dryer system, with access to the dryer chamber from either front or side.