Why Wood Fired Kilns

NATURAL DRYING takes a very long time, with significant investments in terms of capital and space, and the risk of serious alterations to the wood (colour change, mould, warping, twisting etc.).

ARTIFICIAL DRYING provides the solution to many of those problems, to achieve reduced processing times; also, while investment costs are higher, this process ensures constant results and product quality able to meet all demands and expectations of your clients.

DRYER-WOOD DRYING boasts a long-standing reputation for a rational response to the diverse requirements in investment costs, quantity and quality of the final product.

Firewood is an excellent fuel increasingly required for heating homes, but to burn at its best it requires long natural drying times with the immobilization of important financial resources and storage space. In fact, in order to meet the demands of a market that increasingly tends to postpone the purchase of wood until the last minute, it is necessary to have dry wood but this is not always possible, for this reason our dryers are the ideal solution for rapid and economic drying of firewood or any other product that requires drying and to give greater guarantees of quality to your customers.

The large loading door allows you to comfortably accommodate up to 10 pallets of wood, but it is also possible to use different formats such as trolleys or crates containing loose wood, or on request we can make dryers with measures suitable for the specific needs of the customer. The entire plant is built in Italy with high quality materials and every detail is made exclusively of stainless steel and aluminum to be able to resist the corrosive aggression of the acids released by the wood during the drying phases. The dryer can be supplied already pre-assembled at our factory, or assembled directly by the customer depending on the distance and location of installation. Installed inside a special prefabricated room supplied with the dryer allows to obtain a complete "turnkey" solution. Alternatively, the customer can decide to use his own boiler after the appropriate evaluations with our technical office.

Wood for fuel